Build Phase Training Plans

Spring is coming, the motivation is up!
Here are the perfect training plans. Take your fitness to a whole new level in 8 weeks.
Perfect for the build phase.
For MTB marathon & XCO, Road & Crit Racing, Grand Fondo & Gravel events or for time trial specialists & triathletes.

Build Phase Training Plans

The build phase is about improving fitness in a very specific way. Ideally, the base has already been laid and is now developed further. The training in this phase is very focused and adapted to the requirements that we face during the event.

That’s why we have created 4 training plans. Depending on the challenge you set yourself, which event you want to take part in or which races you want to compete in, you will find the right 8-week Build Phase training plan here. 

the training plans

MTB Marathon & XCO

Besides basic endurance, which is especially important for long marathons or to stay strong through a long season with energy-sapping races, the training plan focuses on MTB-specific training. 

On the one hand, the VO2max, the maximum oxygen uptake, is trained in order to be able to generate energy via the aerobic metabolism. It also helps you recover faster after maximum effort, such as hard climbs.

In addition, your climbing abilities are trained so that you can either climb faster or, especially important in marathons, save energy so that you don’t lose speed towards the end. Of course, off-road riding with trails and technical sections should not be left out!

road racing & crits

The first few weeks of the training plan are designed to improve race-critical skills, particularly your sprint, max aerobic and max anaerobic capacity.

In the second half of the build phase, they are sharpened further. In addition, there are race-like sessions in which you should try to hit high power outputs even when fatigued. Races can be lost at the beginning, but they are won at the end.

Therefore, basic endurance training should not be missing. A good foundation helps you to be able to perform well at the end of the race or to compete strongly for several days in a row.

Gran Fondo & Gravel

This training plan is primarily designed to improve your endurance and fat metabolism. After all, Gran Fonds and Gravel Events have in common that they are very long and energy-sapping. 

The training plan will also improve your endurance in regard to strength. Low cadence sessions not only prepare your muscles, ligaments and tendons for long climbs or gravel sections, but also improve your energy metabolism. The VLamax, i.e. the lactate formation rate, is lowered so that you can preserve your carbohydrate stores at submaximal loads, endure better and still have energy at the end. 

Time Trial & Triathlon

As a time trial specialist or as a triathlete, it is important to be able to generate high power output over a longer period of time and without rest. The VO2max sessions in the training plan improve your aerobic capacity so that you can generate more power, more watts through aerobic metabolism. Additional low cadence sessions prepare your muscles and the entire body to generate high torque, which is essential for riding at high velocity in competition.

This training plan also includes many sessions with intervals around the anaerobic threshold, which is about the power you ride in the race. After all, the right pacing is crucial in time trialing. Through these specific sessions, you learn to pace yourself and your body becomes more efficient over time at this power level.

Enjoy your training!

Let us know how you are doing, how the training is going and of course how your event was! Tag us @noack.sportsupport and share your experiences. 

For questions or customised training plans, we are always there for you!

Josephine Noack
Josephine Noack
I'm the head coach of noack sport support and sports-scientist. As an athlete, I compete in cross-triathlon, normal short-distance triathlon, MTB-Marathon, road crits, and eCycling for Beastmode p/b Rose.

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