eCycling Training Plan & Racing Tips

The Zwift Racing League has kicked off a new season. The first race is always exciting and requires a lot of preparation. Now the eCycling season is about to start!
But how do you train during the season? What can you do between the races?
Here is the in-season eCycling training plan and what I learned from last season.

eCycling Training Program

There are many tips for preparing for a race and platforms like Zwift offer suitable training plans themselves. But what do you do once the season has started?

A typical e-cycling season is not too long, but highly intensive. Many races in a short time with different demands. This not only requires maximum effort of the body, but also of the mind, because full concentration and commitment are always needed. Regeneration is definitely not to be forgotten! But to improve your form a little wouldn’t be bad either…

Stress and recovery must remain in balance, then (almost) nothing stops you from having a successful season. Our in-season training plan will guide you through the season. I also share my most important learnings from the last ZRL and what it means to be in beastmode!

eCyling Race Tips

Racing is the best workout!?

A typical eCycling season like in the ZRL lasts 8 weeks. Of course, each team can decide for themselves how often individual riders start and whether to do extra races, but most of us do a lot of races during the season.

Because in order to be really good, you have to know how to ride effectively, when to launch your attack or when to start the final sprint. You just have to try it and learn, because every athlete has a slightly different capability, different strengths and weaknesses. And you can’t really practise racing situations, so racing is the best training. 

I had the feeling that with each race I was able to ride a bit smarter. Okay, not with every race, because there are also some really bad days. But you also learn from that, namely…

Recovery is key!

To be able to perform, you have to be reasonably recovered. In the first week, this is certainly not difficult. But with so many races in such a short time, it is easy to find yourself back at the virtual starting line without being fully recovered. That’s not too problematic, as long as you rest properly afterwards. 

Otherwise, there is a danger that exhaustion will continue to “accumulate”. Your performance drops and, in the worst case, you then demand even more from your body in order to keep up or perhaps train even more. Because you are “out of shape” at the moment. 

Regeneration between races should have top priority. It’s better to skip a training session and recover. That way you can become stronger through the races. 

Watt/kg is not everything!

One thing is also essential for regeneration: sufficient energy and fluids!

Always take good care of yourself, pay attention to your nutrition and your fluid balance. This applies not only to races, but also to everyday training. During the racing season, whether eCycling or in the real racing world, is absolutely the wrong time to lose weight. 

Due to the relevance of relative power in watts/kg bodyweight, especially on climbs, it may seem attractive to lose weight in order to become faster. But this is always accompanied by the risk of losing absolute power. And, even worse, the body no longer regenerates properly. One or two kilos less won’t help you then… 

Go Beastmode!

Racing smart, launching strategic attacks and working together as a team will take you a lot further in terms of performance. And it’s much more fun too!

That’s exactly what the new German eCycling team Beastmode is all about. I was part of this team last season and I am now looking forward to our first season in the Premiere Division, the world’s highest Zwift Racing League.

Anyone can experience the spirit of Beastmode! Having fun, teamwork and giving everything when it really matters. Go Beastmode 😉

Follow Beastmode powered by ROSE and watch our races in the ZRL Premiere League!

Have fun training and racing!

For questions or customised training plans, we are always there for you.

Josephine Noack
Josephine Noack
I'm the head coach of noack sport support and sports-scientist. As an athlete, I compete in cross-triathlon, normal short-distance triathlon, MTB-Marathon, road crits, and eCycling for Beastmode p/b Rose.

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