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We are pleased to be able to offer you performance analysis at the highest level.
With INSCYD we can examine your performance while cycling and running in detail and give deeper insight into your individual physiology. With this knowledge we can give you clear recommendations for training and develop a suitable pacing and nutrition strategy.

Testing and race performance

From our point of view, performance testing only makes sense if it examines all parameters that are relevant to your race performance. For this reason we have decided to cooperate with INSCYD.

Your performance in triathlon, cycling, running or any other goal is not only dependent on a single, measurable parameter. Your performance is made up of a wide range of measurable values and other influencing factors.

Many tests focus only on your FTP or threshold power, speed or heart rate. Other performance-related influences are not considered. If your training zones are based on these results, or if you are only guided by your perceived exertion, your training is not optimally tailored to your performance, and is therefore not maximally effective. 

Individual Physiology

We take several lactate samples at different intensities and durations to get a comprehensive understanding of your metabolism.

INSCYD takes into account all important parameters that determine your athletic performance:

  • Anaerobic Threshold (correlates with FTP)
  • VO2max
  • VLamax
  • Lactate accumulation and elimination
  • Fat-and carbohydrate consumption
  • Regeneration

Each of these values, which we determine with INSCYD performance analysis, is important for your performance! Conversely, every athletic performance can be explained by a combination of these abilities.

The results are therefore directly related to the possible performance in competition!

Training Zones and Recommendations

The performance analysis with INSCYD, which we offer you, not only helps you to define your training zones precisely. The comprehensive analysis of your metabolism reveals your personal strengths and weaknesses, so that we can give you clear recommendations for your training.

We show you the relationships between the different metabolic parameters and how they influence your performance in competition, so that you understand how they interact and what it means for your training. 

We don’t give you general and standard advice, but rather intervals designed individually based on your metabolism and clear guidelines for your training. Of course only if you want to.

You can of course also take advantage of our performance analysis and evaluate the results yourself or with another trainer. 

Book your INSCYD performance testing with us now!

Josephine Noack
Josephine Noack
I'm the head coach of noack sport support and sports-scientist. As an athlete, I compete in cross-triathlon, normal short-distance triathlon, MTB-Marathon, road crits, and eCycling for Beastmode p/b Rose.

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