swim technique session

89/session *
  • Analysis
  • sophisticated examination of propulsion and resistance
  • consideration of goals / distance
  • Development
  • more efficient movement
  • special drills
  • individual adjustments
  • Evaluation
  • plan for self-guided practice

*per Person, Group prices are possible!

(excl. travel-fee, only possible in the area of HH)

Swim faster.

To do so, the propulsion must become greater or the resistance you are working to overcome has to be smaller. 

Our goal is not to teach a generally “perfect” technique, but to increase efficiency. That way you are faster with the same amount of energy. 

We work together by developing a stroke that feels natural, matches your anatomy, is practical and fast.

video analysis

A good technique, efficient movements are the basis for constant performance. 

Over time, this saves energy or results in a higher speed with the same energy consumption. A high efficiency of movement is enormously helpful in endurance sports!

But you have no possibility for a personal technique training or any guidance?

We analyse your swimming or running technique also via videos. 

  • Video Analysis
  • differentiated examination of propulsion and resistance
  • consideration of goals / distance
  • Evaluation
  • how to increase efficiency
  • specific drills
  • plan for self-guided practice
  • questions & answers
  • discussion of the evaluation by phone or video call

training consultation

69/ 45-60min
  • Interview
  • personal, phone or video call
  • Analysis
  • current fitness level
  • short- and longterm goals
  • your questions
  • topics of choice

Optimize your training.

You are self-coached, plan your training yourself but need someone to talk to and discuss your thoughts.

Maybe you don’t really know how to plan the season in the long term? Or are you not 100% sure if the intervals are suitable for your goal? Or are you looking for new impulses?

We would be happy to advise you.

personal training session

Would you like a guided training session specially tailored to your needs?

A pure technique training? Mobility work on your weaknesses? New input?

We offer you all this as individual training sessions, as well as for couples, groups or clubs!

price by agreement
  • personal session
  • under professional guidance
  • appropriate to your goal
  • questions & answers
  • training recommendations
  • technique tips

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